English 1SC, Applied Intermediate Composition for the Sciences
Course Syllabus

The following is a syllabus for a class offered  at the University of California, Riverside.

Instructor : P. Aaron Potter

Course Description :
College level readers and writers are responsible for digesting and presenting a broad range of material, in a variety of formats. This statement is as true, or more so, for students of the sciences as it is for students of the humanities. This is a writing course designed for students majoring in the sciences : as such, it is committed to the principle that the skills which go into good composition -- careful observation, critical evaluation, clear organization and accurate representation -- are also necessary for success in the sciences. As scientists, you will be responsible for the effective presentation of material in your field, whether that entails notes on a patient’s medical chart, or scholarly articles presenting vital research. Similarly, you will be responsible for interpreting and evaluating the writing of others on a daily basis. In addition to scientific knowledge, you must acquire the tools of a writer, or that knowledge can never be communicated. This class is intended to help you acquire those tools.

Required Textbooks :

Course Requirements :
Students are responsible for arriving in class on-time and prepared, which includes responsibility for all assigned readings on the dates indicated in the schedule. All papers and drafts of papers are due at the beginning of class on the due date indicated. In addition, occasional in-class exercises and quizzes will be assigned, and are factored into the final grade as indicated below. It should be noted that showing up for class on time and prepared is considered *minimally* adequate behavior for a college-level class, and thus merits a *C* grade. Active participation in classroom discussion is essential to earning a higher grade in the participation category.

Grading : (numbers in parentheses indicate minimum page-length requirements)

Class Policies:

Course Schedule :

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