English 5: "Ideas in Conflict"
Course Syllabus

The following is a syllabus for a class offered  at the University of California, Riverside

Instructor : P. Aaron Potter

In addition to class time and office hours, I can be reached through my mailbox in the English department, or through my e-mail.

Course Description :
The university is an environment of infinite possibilities and few certainties, but here are a few aspects of your future which you can reliably count on: no matter what your major or career path: you will read, and you will write.  English 5 introduces you to the demands of university-level writing, and empowers you to participate in the intellectual conversations which will make up the rest of your education, with particular attention to the structure and practice of persuasion.  Over the course of this term you will exercise your ability to analyze, paraphrase, summarize, propose, assert, structure, support, and develop arguments.  By the term’s end, you will have gained the skills necessary for coherent, well-developed writing appropriate to an academic setting.

Required Textbooks :

Course Requirements :
Students are responsible for arriving in class on-time and prepared, which includes responsibility for all assigned readings on the dates indicated in the schedule. All papers and drafts of papers are due at the beginning of class on the due date indicated. In addition, occasional in-class exercises and quizzes will be assigned, and are factored into the final grade as indicated below. It should be noted that showing up for class on time and prepared is considered *minimally* adequate behavior for a college-level class, and thus merits a *C* grade. Active participation in classroom discussion is essential to earning a higher grade in the participation category.

Grading : (numbers in parentheses indicate minimum page-length requirements)

Recommended, but not required:
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
(or any other collegiate dictionary)

Class Policies:

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