A Hypertext Structuration of Literary Criticism

Literary Criticism, is the practice (or art) of describing, interpreting and evaluating text. Several different methods for doing this will be introduced and discussed as part of the movements which used them. The ultimate goal of this site is to create a framework into which the theories can be placed and the relationship between the theorists can be made apparent.


Deconstructive Criticism (Deconstruction)
Formalism (Russian)
Frankfurt School
Geneva School
Marxist Criticism
New Criticism
Psychoanalytic Criticism
Reader-Response Criticism
Semiology or Semiotics


Louis Althusser
Mikhail Bakhtin
Roland Barthes
Walter Benjamin
Jonathan Culler
Ferdinand de Saussure
Jacques Derrida
T. S. Eliot
Stanley Fish
Michel Foucault
Sigmund Freud
Hans Georg Gadamer
Antonio Gramsci
Martin Heidegger
Edmund Husserl
Carl Jung
Julia Kristeva
Jacques Lacan
Claude Levi-Strauss
Jean-Francois Lyotard
John Crowe Ransom


Chronological Timeline
M.H. Abrams Classification

Credits and other meaningful stuff

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