In this tower repose syllabi, assignments, fragments and shards of courses taught by your friendly caretaker, as well as links to other educational material.  
  • How to Write an Essay -- hints and tips for the writing process 
  • Grading Markings Guide -- a guide to all those funny looking marks and abbreviations which your instructor put on your last essay
  • Proofreading Tips -- general hints for avoiding common errors
  • Style and Rhetoric -- *warning*: this material is often a matter of personal taste between you and your instructor; these are some of the tips I give *my* composition students
  • Grading Policy -- how I grade essays

Writing guides from other sources can be found on the links page

Current Courses

Other Courses (Example Syllabi):

English 3 -- Basic Writing
English 4 -- English Writing In the Disciplines
English 5 -- "Ideas in Conflict"
English 1A -- Beginning Composition
English 1B -- Argument and Rhetoric
English 1C -- Advanced Composition and Introduction to Critical Analysis 
English 1SC -- Composition for the Sciences
English 23C -- Nineteenth-Century Literature
English 102 -- Introduction to Critical Methods